Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oma Podi or Kara Seva

This time the recipe comes from my hubby dear! No, he does not cook very much. There is a handful that he makes and comes out excellent. This is one of the new additions to his list. I would call it a combination of Oma Podi and Kara Seva, coz it looks like Oma podi - but does not have Omam/Ajwain and hence the ingredients match more that of Kara Seva. Anyways it came out great that a tin of this snack vanished in a single day!

Rice Flour- 1/2 cup
Besan (Gram Flour)- 1 cup
Ginger Garlic Paste- 1 tbsp
Asafoetida- 2 pinch
Chilly Powder- 1/2 tbsp
Salt- to taste
Water- 3/4 cup
Oil- as needed for deep frying

1. Mix all ingredients together except Oil to make a smooth/soft dough.
2. When adding water make sure it is thick and soft enough to be pressed using an Idiyappam maker (Noodle maker).
3. Heat enough Oil in a pan to deep fry the snack.
4. Fill dough into the Idiyappam maker and press the sev into the hot oil.
5. Make sure to place the sev in oil with enough gap, so that they don't stick together.
6. When almost done, turn them over to fry both sides equally.
7. Take the sev off the oil and put them into a tissue paper to drain off any excess oil.

Once cooled, you could store them in containers (if you can resist the temptation). It is an excellent tea time snack!


  1. i like omapodi...but this looks different..i ll try for it sure...nice recipie fathima..

  2. Crispy snack and i usually have this one while having coffee...nice one...

  3. woww...this is one of my hubbys fav too!!.. :)

  4. kurachu tharumo....chaya kudichondu yirippa...

  5. perfect tea time snack, dear...crispy and yummy!

  6. Looks very perfect and crispy treat for the tea time, Daddy likes this...but we never tried to make them at home. Thanks for sharing the recipe....

  7. om podi reminds me the way i say when i was small.."Om Puri" hehehe..:)

  8. Looks so delicious..So ur DH is also a good cook :)

  9. What a NIFTY kitchen gadget. I will have to look more into it. I love kitchen gadgets!!

    And I would love a nice serving of this delicious recipe. Sounds yummy.

  10. i make these too, these are the perfect homemade snack i would say to enjoy with evening tea

  11. Award for you...please collect from my page...

  12. Perfect snacks with evening tea .I love it very much .

  13. Nice pictures .Perfect with evening tea!

  14. hm yummyyyyyyyyyy........gr8 wrk......

  15. Very crispy..yummy to..first time have a wonderful space Dear..I'm following drop in sometime at my blog too..

  16. Glad to know you liked the choc cake..:)
    Am I here for the forst time...??:)
    Lovely lovely collection of recipes, Girl!!!

  17. Wow, your hubby made this..looks very crispy & yummy! :)



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