Monday, December 21, 2009

Mango Cream Pudding

Summer in India is known for its delicious Mangoes. Last summer when I was on vacation in India, I got to eat Mangoes from every home I visited. That is how much popular Mangoes are in India. Per the article in Wiki, nearly half of the world's mangoes are cultivated in India alone! Here in US, I have rarely tasted good Mangoes. So most of the time you have to satisfy yourself with the Mango pulp. But then it is convenient too. You could quickly make Mango Shakes, Mango Lassi and other Dessert with this pulp. Here is a quick and simple recipe for a tasty Mango Cream dessert.

Cool Whip - 16 oz
Mango Pulp - 30 oz (1 tin)
Pistas - 5-6 for garnish

1. Blend the Cool Whip to make it a little smooth. I used two 8oz box of Kraft Cool Whip.
2. Mix the Mango pulp with the smoothened cool whip using a blender. Keep aside 2 tablespoons of pulp for garnish.
3. Now put the 2 tablespoons of mango pulp kept aside on the top of this mixture and give it a swirl to garnish.
4. Crush the Pista and spread on the top.
5. Refrigerate for an hour.

Yummy mango cream dessert is now ready. Your kids would love it, not that adults won't.


  1. Gosh it looks mouthwatering..

  2. Thank you for you comment, Sheba. You have a wonderful blog.

  3. looks absolutely yummy...nice creation..visit us whenever time permits

  4. The Pic: is Marvellous........!(Achtung)

  5. what is a Cool whip?


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